Disruption During Network Upgrades

Evolution Networks is currently in the process of building a significant number of new towers as part of the Government’s Rural Broadband Initiative. We have a short time frame to complete these builds, which means that there may be service interruptions as we expand and refine our network to deliver to a wider customer base. Please bear with us through this process as once completed the network will be noticeably faster, more reliable, and have additional redundancy. We will also be improving our resourcing around customer service and network technicians to meet the needs of a growing network.

We would like to thank you for being Evolution Networks customers, you are effectively foundation customers of our company, and without you we wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow and provide our services to more customers, most are rural and isolated. Ignored by other internet service providers for years.

We know that recently our performance or service hasn’t been up to your expectations. As a small company starting out it has been a difficult balance to strike between spending money on growing the business, or spending money on paying staff to work in the business. We believe we have the balance right now, and are working to significantly improve both aspects of the business over the next few months.