COVID-19 Community Support

Hi everyone,

Evolution Networks would like to offer support to the Eastern Bay Community at this trying time. We understand that there a lot of people that are taking sensible precautions, working from home, and maintaining safe distancing and hygiene practices. We would like to congratulate the Opotiki Community on their approaches taken so far to ensure that their residents are safe, you are well ahead of other parts of New Zealand, and should be very proud of your leadership.

Evolution Networks invites businesses to make contact in relation to business continuity planning, and ensuring that your staff can work from home. We have been having a number of valuable conversations already with large enterprise to get connections in place proactively in the event that there are government directives that require us to change how we work. We have staff ready to listen and help with your remote working options.

We understand that many of you will be undertaking your employment duties from home, as well as the possibility of educational material being provided online by schools for your children. For those customers of ours that are on capped data plans, Evolution Networks will not charge you any additional fees for going over your capped data usage.

We will do our utmost to provide an uninterrupted service to you during these challenging times. We’ve recently upgraded our core infrastructure to increase speeds and reliability of the network.

We are also working with the various government departments on your behalf to see if we can remove some barriers and speed up the roll out of RBI to the Eastern Bay of Plenty.